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4 must-dos before your next exhibition

BY Shades

Attending trade shows means time and money. To get the best return on your investment, preparing and planning ahead will help you make the most of your stand and maximise the potential of each event.


Keep these 4 things in mind as you approach your next exhibition and you might even enjoy the experience!


  1. Be an early bird

Registering early for a show will often save you money, allowing you take advantage of early-booking discounts. It also gives you first pick of the best stand sites so you can choose a prime profile-raising location. Once your stand site and number is confirmed you can start promoting your attendance across marketing channels and maximise your links to and inclusion in all the promotional activity the event itself will be running.


  1. Consider your stand

If you know you’ll need a new stand, contact an experienced supplier for quotes and design concepts as soon as possible, ideally some months in advance. Choose a supplier who can design, produce and deliver your stand, and be open to ideas – they will often have new or innovative products up their sleeve that will really make you stand out from the crowd. If you already have a display, identify any areas that need refreshing and what you might be able to reuse. Updating graphics cannot happen overnight – give yourself (and your supplier!) time to discuss the best solutions for your exhibition goals.


  1. Get creative

Involve your supplier in the creative process to make your stand as engaging and stimulating as possible. How will your visitors interact with the stand and the people manning it? Bear in mind the additional collateral you will need to support your stand presence: additional pull-ups, banners, posters and marketing literature. Think about the handouts and giveaways that might be kept or reused by visitors, such as USB drives.


  1. After the show

After the build up and the buzz and busy-ness of the show itself it is tempting to approach the end of an exhibition with relief…aaaand relax. If your preparation is tip-top, you’ll have captured some great leads and data that will need following up. Create a schedule for your follow-up activity and aim to make contact within 48 hours of the show’s finish.